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  • 2006 Jeep Wrangler Ulimited (Auto) NP231J transfer case
  • $30 of misc shift linkage parts, nuts, etc. from Jeep
  • $30 of misc nuts, bolts, studs, etc.
  • Tera Low231 4:1 Transfer Case Conversion
  • TeraFlex Ultra-Short SYE kit
  • Box4Rocks NP231J Doubler kit
  • Dakota Digital SGI-5 Speedometer Signal Converter
  • 12"x24"x1" 6061 T6 aluminum plate
  • 12"x6"x.5" 6061 T6 aluminum pipe
  • 12"x2" 4340 Steel round stock
  • Mistubishi transmission to transfer case tail shaft housing (for mockup)
  • Quadco Q15 push-pull type cable shifter
  • Sealed push-pull cable for the Tera Low
  • Bulkhead cable bracket
  • 2x Tuthill Unidrum push-pull type cable shifter and cable assembly
  • 2x Jeep CJ clutch push-rod boot
  • 1997-2005 Jeep TJ transmission mount
  • Transfer case and doubler support bracket
  • Shortened and rotated t-case and doubler shift levers
  • 2x 4-wheel drive indicator switch (electric, NOT vacuum)
  • 2x 'weather pack' connector for the 4-wheel drive indicator switch
  • 4x 'weather pack' connector for the speedometer and Dakota Digital SGI-5
  • ARB Dana 44 differential cover - replacement lower drain plug
  • Tera Low231 shift cable bracket
  • Tera Low231 shifter mount plate
  • Doubler shift cable bracket
  • Transfer case/doubler shifters mount bracket
  • Rear double Cardan slip driveshaft
  • Transfer case/doubler cross member
  • Front 2 piece double Cardan driveshaft
  • $40 or misc wiring, conduit, gromets, shrink-wrap
  • Trim plate for the cables-through-tunnel openings

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