Mitsubishi Transfer Case to Tera Low231 NP231 ...

Update: June 1, 2009 Its almost done. Hah. Famous last words. So far, everything has been working great. Not that I've had the time to do much wheeling. One short trip to Metbury Gulch to test out the doubler has been it since our April Moab run. Work has been taking up about 98% of my time lately.

All the brackets are now cut, assembled and went off to be plated today. They're scheduled to be back Thursday and my plan is to get the shifters installed Saturday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything installs and works as planned 'cause Sunday I'm taking it out on a run put togather by one of the local 4x4 shops. I'd prefer not to be the 'problem child' of the trip.

What I have now, though, totally rocks! No pun intended.:-) Having 1:1, 2.72:1, 4:1 and 10.88:1 to choose from is awsome!!! Metburry Gulch is about a 2.5; nothing to write home about. Mostly it's just loose gravel and dirt mixed in with some moderately steep acents and decents. The Terra gearing is total overkill. More than overkill - it's just flat out annoying. I don't need 4:1 on fire roads. 2.72:1 combined with my manual 5-speed works perfectly. This is good because 90% of the trails in Colorado are not non-stop obstacles. Even then most of the obstacles don't require insane 80-90:1+ crawl ratios.

This is a good mix of gear ratios for a vehicle that, like mine, spends a lot of time on widely varying terrain. 2.72:1 for the fireroads, sand and snow. 4:1 is good for tougher obstacles like the Golden Crack and the Chute on the Golden Spike trail and very steep acents and decents. 10.88:1 for ultra-control over the nastiest obstacles like the nasty steps on Moab Rim and Widowmaker on Metal Masher.