Mitsubishi Transfer Case to Tera Low231 NP231 ...

UPDATE: February 21, 2008 I finally received the Dakota Digital SGI-5 for the speedo conversion in the mail from Summit Racing. You can get them directly from Dakota but they were the same price and I like to support Summit when I can. We've done a lot of business with them in race parts for a long time.

I forgot to get the name of the company in CA that produces the shifter. They actually have a couple different ones. I picked this one because I'm mounting it above the stock t-case shifter location and I need something that didn't stick down into the tunnel too far. I also didn't get a handle with the controller since I'm going to cannibalize the stock t-case shifter and stick it on the new controller. This controller has 3" travel and a 100" lb. rating which is plenty for the NP231. Be a good shifter for a Stak or Atlas if you wanted to mount them side by side. The controller is only about 1.25" wide. I also got this one because it has a clutch which is supposed to lock it in place. I'm hoping that will keep certain passengers from knocking the t-case out of gear. (don't ask, you don't want to know)

I also decided 'just for the hell of it' to go NathanC's, from 4x4Wire's Mitsubishi forum, route and use my spare NP231 parts for a Box4Rocks doubler. Hey, I'm recycling! That's good, isn't it?? Got to rationalize this somehow, I guess. Buddy of mine says 230:1 is an IQ test and I failed. :-)

I spoke to Duffy, the maker of Box4Rocks, today for about 30 minutes. Nathan's right. Seems like a pretty decent guy and he does know his work. Pirate 4x4 has a LONG thread on the product.

Duffy told me that right now he has more than 600 units out - I was surprised there were that many - and more than a couple with 40-50K on the kit. I've spent the last several days trying to find even one complaint about the Box4Rocks and couldn't.

I ran across this today on Pirate 4x4 right after talking to Duffy. The 'install for idiots' guide which really lets you see what this is.

Anyway, I don't plan on using the doubler all that often - figure it ought to make the Golden Crack and one or two other trails a bit less bouncy - but, since I'm building everything out anyway and I don't want to have to replace my brand new drive shafts anytime soon I figure I might as well do it now.