Mitsubishi Transfer Case to Tera Low231 NP231 ...

Update: November 3, 2008 Let's see. What have we done in the last four months.... We're about 98% finished with the adapter. We did a complete bolt-together mock-up of the doubler, tail-shaft housing and adapter last week. That went very well. We've also bolted the transmission, tail-shaft housing and adapter together with the shift dogs installed on the rails to make sure everything clears. Good thing, too. The reverse/5th gear dog when shifted into 5th comes back and there isn't enough room to clear the adapter stub shaft. Thankfully, the stub shaft doesn't need to go any further than shown in the pictures for adequate spline engagement.

We added a drain-back hole in the adapter so any fluid that gets trapped in the adapter can flow back to the tail-shaft housing. We also added a drain plug to the adapter so that any fluid can be drained out of the adapter prior to disassembly. The first time I disassembled the stock transfer case and transmission I didn't realize that fluid gets that far back and ended up dumping about half a quart of synthetic gear lube on my head. Too much fun.

We drilled the doubler shift bracket mount holes so that's finished. Now I can draw up the last bracket. We still need to add the drain plug to the doubler but that can be done pretty much any time in the next week. If I get time I'll figure out where that needs to go and get them to drill and tap the hole.

Everything is now tack welded together in preparation for final welding. Once that's done we'll do a complete mock-up of the transmission, tail-shaft housing, new adapter and doubler to get the final length of the stub shaft. Once all the excess plate is trimmed away the machine shop will be finished. All that will be left is to get it anodized to protect the aluminum from the elements and de-icer in the winter.