My Montero Sport - Part 5 ... early 2002

Updated May 1, 2002 Nothing really new on the update front. Although, I'm still working on the front fixed output shaft for the transfer case. Mitsubishi was kind enough to sell me a new output shaft and yoke. A company in Colorado drilled and taped the new output shaft for a 1/2x20 bolt. Now, I have to send it back to California to have the new drive shaft made. Not a big deal but it is time consuming.

Not really a modification, but at least a "happening". This January I had to work in the replacement of the roof after managing to tip the Sport over on its side into a ditch. Just have to love icy washboard roads. ARG! The Garvin roof rack caught the edge of the embankment and crushed the roof in. You can see a bit of the damage to the side in these pictures. Rather then deal with pounding out the huge dent from the roof rack it turned out to be cheaper and easier to replace the entire roof and roof supports. A body shop recommended to me by Quality Mitsubishi here in Denver and Quality itself got my Sport back on the road for less then a thousand dollars. Out of all of this there is one important note: Without All Pro's rock skids I wouldn't have had anything left of the driver side of the truck to put back together. The driver side skid supported the entire vehicle when it was over on its side and kept two very nasty and pointy rocks from taking out the entire driver and passenger side door and rocker panel area. As it was, because of the skids, I had minimal to no damage on the side. The skids came through with only minor scuffing. The passenger side skid was very usefull for pulling the truck back on its wheels, too!

Those of you who don't know the difference between a rock skid and a nerf bar - that's the difference. A nerf bar could never have prevented any damage nor would have supported the weight of the vehicle like All Pro's skids. There would have been at least another $2000.00 in damage to the side without the skid there to protect it. My hat's off to All Pro for producing a true quality product!