Calculate crawl speed and crawl ratio ...

Everyone knows the slower you go over the rocks the more control you have. If everything is blurry and you're bouncing over obstacles more than crawling over them then it's probably time to think about changing your gearing in the axles, transfer case or both.

Or maybe your gearing is all good but now you're planning on upgrading to bigger tires or adding a reduction box like D&D Machine's Box4Rocks. How is an upgrade going to change how you crawl? Use the calculator below to calculate your crawl ratio and your crawl speed in feet per minute and inches per second. Crawl ratio is a good thing to know but crawl speed tells you how slooooow you will go. Enter the values on the left and press compute.

Crawl Speed

Crawl RPM:
Tire diameter (inches):
Transmission 1st gear ratio:
Transfer case gear ratio:
Crawl box gear ratio:
Axle gear ratio:
Crawl speed ft/min:
Crawl speed in/sec:
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