Rhino Liner rocker panels ...

This is one of those 'I should have' moments. Over the last couple years I've noticed my boot is wearing through the paint on the door lip of the driver side rocker panel. I'm sure if I had as much traffic in and out of the passenger side of the vehicle I'd have the same problem there. The spot is too big for touch up paint and repainting it seems kind of pointless since that would just start the process over again.

Coincidentally, my office is located above a Maxair and they apply Rhino Liner. When we moved in I started thinking about using Rhino Liner as a solution. Unfortunately, the rock skids are in the way and taking them off isn't really pratical since they're welded onto the frame. Still, the thought kept bouncing around inside my head.

Fast forward a couple years. The sister to my SAS'd 1997 Montero Sport drops into my lap. Time for a new project and time to implement all the improvements, fixes and changes that have accumulated over the years.

As I learned rather quickly, rock skids are at the top of the priority list and this time I knew to do something with the rocker panels before welding on the new All-Pro Extreme Rock Skids. Since I was having a shop apply the Rhino Liner there wasn't really anything for me to do other than drop it off before going upstairs.

Maxair removed the stock Nerf bars prior to cleaning the area and then taping everything off. A generic 3/8" socket set is enough to remove the bars. They did a good job taping everything off and paid enough attention to detail to get inside the bottom of the doors so my foot wouldn't eventually catch on the liner and try to peel it off.

Half a day later I received a call that the job was done, I could come down and take a look and pick up my Sport. Normally, I would have been able to drive it home at that point but with the temperature hovering in the mid-30s I decided to leave it overnight and take it home the next evening. I have to give them credit for doing a really nice job at a reasonable price.

It'll take a while before I can comment on whether my idea was a good one. In the mean time, I'll keep my fingers crossed.