Suspension Lift ...

Before you start there are a few things you need and a couple things you'll need to do. I used a carpenters square - the big 24" one - to measure the chasis height. A 1/2" metric socket wrench set and a set of metric boxed end wrenches. You'll also need a floor jack and two jack stands, a can of WD-40, a pencil and a note pad.

Fill the gas tank. Make sure that the usual things carried in the vehicle are loaded and positioned where they normally would be. Park the Sport on a flat, LEVEL concrete pad and set the emergency brake. Ideally, you also want to find someone who weights the same as you to sit in the driver seat while all this is going on. 170-200 pounds makes a difference.

Adjustment ...

Step 1Get the initial measurements and prep the adjuster bolts. Crawl under the truck and measure from the bottom, rear of the front cross-member to the ground at each end of the cross-member. This would be right where the control arms bolt into the cross-member. Write BOTH measurements down. Spray the adjuster bolt on each side of the vehicle with WD-40 and let sit for a few minutes. Loosen the lock nut on each adjuster bolt several turns. Measure from the top of the main nut on the adjuster bolt - not the lock nut - to the end of the bolt. Write the measurements down.
Step 2Adjust the bars so the vehicle is level side to side. Now get a ruler or if you use a carpenter's square you can lean it up against the cross-member. Otherwise have someone hold the ruler up to the cross-member while you turn each adjuster bolt. Adjust the bolts until the measurements at each end of the cross-member are the same. Occasionally "bouncing" the front of the vehicle to make sure everything "settles" is helpful. Write your final measurements down. These are you're reference points for all of you're future adjustments so don't loose them!!!
Step 3Set the bars to the required ride height. Now time for the big adjustments. Jack the front of the truck up and put the jack stands under the front cross-member. NOT the control arms, the cross-member. You want the arms to droop so the suspension is un-sprung. Tighten the adjuster bolt on each side of the vehicle 1/2". The measurement can be taken from the top of the main nut to the end of the adjuster bolt.
Step 4Lower the vehicle and check your adjustments. Jack the vehicle up a bit and remove the jack stands. Set the vehicle back on the ground. Remeasure at the cross-member. You will have to repeat the last two steps until you get the increase in height you want. The measurements should be even at both ends of the cross-member, too, don't forget, so you may have to adjust each bolt slightly more or less to keep the cross-member even.
Step 5Now, you're still not quite finished. Tighten up the lock nuts and take it for a spin. Bring it back and remeasure the cross-member. If its uneven - I'd say more then a 1/8-1/4" each way - readjust until even. If you still want more lift or its settled a bit repeat the above steps until you're satisfied. Make sure to write the final measurements down with the other ones! Don't loose them, and DON'T forget to tighten the lock nuts!
Step 6After all of the above steps have been completed, the last two things left are a front-end alignment and adjusting the headlights.