Jet Performance Computer Upgrade ...

I still haven't had time to do this modification. I wanted to have everything done - both the exhaust and throttle body - before I ventured here. This is not the common "chip" upgrade as it is for most other vehicles. This consists of the removal of the vehicle computer module and shipping the removed module to Jet Performance for "re-programming". Jet will then ship the module back to you for re-installation.

Below is the email I received from Jet Performance in regards to several questions I had regarding the upgrade. The responses from Jet Performance are in red ...

Subject: Re: PN# 65002 -- Mitsubishi Montero Sport
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 12:30:44 EST

In a message dated 1/26/00 5:45:54 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Several questions:

1) Is this the correct part number for the 5-speed manual transmission model? yes

2) How much does this chip modify the torque and horsepower curves. Is peak torque moved up or down in the RPM range? stock application 10-12 hp at the wheels, torque approx 16 ft lbs max. peak torque hill will not change just enhanced

3) Is torque increased at off-idle up to 3000 RPM and if so, by how much? hp and torque are increases from 14 inches engine vac. to wot

4) What other recommended modifications to augment you're upgrade? exhaust, air intake, anything to boost the airflow will compliment the upgrade

5) How do I order one? Who do I contact, price, etc.? If I order promptly how long after its ordered before I get it? (shipping would be to Denver) order direct at 800-535-1161 or through any of our dealers like NOPI, upgrade package ships same day order received. after you send in your ecu it is a 24 hour turnaround, overnight back to you note: the return overnight shipping is included in the cost of the upgrade retail price is 399.00

6) I think I read that your chips can have the programming modified. I was working on adding a supercharger in the near future. Can the programming be modified to accomodate this? We do offer custom upgrades, if you were going to add the supercharger you should wait and send in the ecu after intstalling so we can set it up for your application, no extra charge for this

There is only on thing I can add that was not addressed in the email. This modification REQUIRES the use of Premium Unleaded (91+ octane). I don't view this as a problem as the owners manual already states that this vehicle requires premium already. In addition, big tires, tall gears, low speed crawling, heavy loads, high altitude and extreme grades all conspire to force you to use premium, anyway, if you wish to keep your engine happy and not turn it into a paperweight.

But, like I said at the top, I haven't done this yet. However, I do have my exhaust installed now and I'm going to skip the throttle body until next year, at least, so as soon as my 'Vette is back from the shop off my computer goes!