AutoXray Diagnostic Scanner ...

Oh, yea! This rocks! This goes in my top ten list of usefull toys! Early spring of 2001, right before the axle conversion, I started having some problems that where virtually impossible to trace even with the factory service manuals. To make a long story short, the problem was finally fixed. But I learned (relearned?) a valuable lesson. Ok, two valuable lessons. Know your vehicle - or at the very least know how to read the factory service manuals. If you don't have the set get one! The second thing I learned is that its great to "know your vehicle" but not so great if you don't know what anything is doing. Kind of a critical point on our (VERY) computer controlled vehicles.

Enter the AutoXray diagnostic scanner. This little gem reads OBD-I and OBD-II (On Board Diagnostics) automotive computers and outputs the information on a two line LCD in English. This is NOT to be confused with OBD-I and OBD-II trouble code readers! Trouble code readers read your automobile's computer for the stored trouble codes (and sometimes the preemptive trouble codes) and display the information to the operator by ether a numeric code on a LCD or by using different series of LED flashes for different codes. You then need to find the corresponding trouble code entry in a list and read what the number corresponds to. But, basically, that's all you get. The reader may read out a '10001' and after looking that up in your chart you may find out that the left O2 sensor is dead or the information may be much more general like "problem in fuel system". But, in order for a trouble code reader to be useful something has to trigger a trouble code first.

The AutoXray is actually a trouble code reader combined with a diagnostic scanner. This piece of equipment goes beyond only being able to read the trouble codes. There is an enormous amount of information stored inside your vehicle's computers that you have access to with the proper equipment. Information that you can use to keep track of the state of your vehicle. AutoXray hooks into the under dash diagnostic port of your vehicle like the one seen to the right on a 1997 Mitsubishi Montero Sport LS. You can then use the AutoXray to scan for trouble codes, preemptive trouble codes, and do diagnostics on your vehicle either statically (stored, averaged settings)or dynamically (computed settings on the fly as you drive). This device also gives you the ability to reset the computers to their default settings. With the optional PC Link the scanner can be plugged into a personal computer and the stored data downloaded to a personal computer or laptop.