Mitsubishi Transfer Case to Tera Low231 NP231 ...

Update: September 17, 2009 At last! Everything is finally done. The Tuthill Unidrum shifters turned out to be an excellent choice. I'm still debating whether to shorten the 'right' (Low231) shifter lever a bit. In LO-LO it sticks out just a little too far. I could have mounted the entire assembly an inch or so further back but I wanted to make sure I could slide the seat all the way forward and still be able to shift into LO-LO-LO. They only problem I've had so far with the shifters is remembering to put the Lo231 into 2-HI when I shift the doubler into LO so it's actually in 4WD and not just 2WD LO. I'm just not used to dealing with three shifters.:-)

I ended up making the trim plate by hand with a RotoZip out of brushed stainless. I think it came out looking pretty good even though I was in a rush and fighting the weather at the time. I used the boots to make a cardboard template, laid that on the stainless and scribed it out, laid it down on a sheet of wood and trimmed it all out with the RotoZip.

The TJ stock rubber transmission mount and the doubler/transfer case support are working great. Surprisingly, there is very little torque twist. Less so than with the original transfer case. I guess that's not surprising. The new setup is much better supported with two mounts and two cross members. I was concerned with amount of droop the new transfer case cross member has but so far I haven't managed to whack it on anything. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. At some point - probably next spring - I'll rework that and build at least a small belly pan.

Otherwise, that's about it. We've been through several runs this summer. Red Cone, Jenny Creek and one trip out to Moab to do Flat Iron Mesa and Elephant hill. Everything is working well and there've been no problems. About the only 'negative' thing I've run into is learning to keep track of two shifters rather than one.:-)